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Classical Piano

I always said classical music has the best foundation in piano. Composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin, will be studied and a development of proper technique, tone and phrasing.

Pop and Rock

I usually write out charts by special request from the student for their level. I can also teach a different type of reading called lead sheets which bring together melody and harmony.

Jazz & Blues

When i think of starting Jazz and Blues I first think of harmony and the syncopation of melody. We will study basic to advanced chord progression, playing, and analysis of melodies.

Movie Themes

There are so many well known movie themes and songs from Casablanca to Lady Gags's "Shallow". Whatever you suggest is a great choice!

Musical Theater

From Gershwin to Andrew Lloyd Webber to book of Mormon, we can find music in this broad and lengthy style.

Hymns & Choral Music

This can be quite difficult on piano and i can give you the tools necessary to play this style properly.


This is very demanding because you will be 'making it up' on the spot. saying that, we can start with very simple chords progressions and work up to more difficult pieces.

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