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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay?
    Payment can be made two different ways: PayPal Email Direct Deposit
  • What if I miss my lesson?
    I understand people's lives are very busy therefore all I ask for is 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson. If you miss your lesson and fail to contact me then I must charge for the lesson.
  • What if my teacher misses a lesson?
    I am very flexible with the students cancelling and once in a while I may need that flexibility due to other appointments or gigs. I will reschedule either that day or at another time to make up for the lesson. You will never pay for a lesson that I have missed.
  • Can I study without long term commitment?
    Absolutely!! Especially at the start we are not sure if this is something that is for you. I ask you pay by the month and if you stop with notice, I will glady refund the money back to you.
  • Do I need an instrument?
    You will definitely need a keyboard or piano.
  • Do I need to practice in-between lessons
    You will always need to practice. I realize people have busy lives and if I am told in the lesson that the student won't have time to practice during the week, I will gauge the assignment accordingly.
  • Do I have to have a lesson every week?
    I have tried bi-weekly lessons and intermiittent lessons in the past and I always see more results with weekly lessons. If price is an issue, I would suggest a shorter length lesson every week as opposed to a longer lesson every two weeks.
  • Can I meet you before the lesson starts?
    For sure!!! We can have a skype meeting and we can discuss whatever questions you have.
  • What is the right age to start piano?
    I have taught as early as three years old but I found that was a little too young for me. I find five is a good starting age but the real sweet spot is seven or older.
  • Can a adult with no experience start lessons?
    Totally!! I have heard so many times that it is harder to learn something new as an adult. Although I hesistantly agree, I think adults make it up in attention span and tenacity that a child probably doesn't have. I think adults can actually learn faster because they are more self motivated.
  • Does an adult have to be present during child's lesson?
    I actually push to have the parent present. Saying that, they don't have to necessarily be in the same room. They can be in the next room preparing a dinner or working in the home office within earshot. I always want the parent to know where their money is going.
  • I dont have a keyboard or piano, what should I get?"
    There are plenty of cheaper keyboards to get started. Beginners don't need a full sized weighted keyboard or piano to start. Once they get more advanced they will need an upgrade but anything will do at the start. I would be happy to help in choosing the right keyboard for you.
  • What do I learn in these lessons?
    This is where I shine! Whatever you want learn is my command. My goal is to develop passion in playing the piano and the only way to do so is to play music you love. In the very beginning stages I may not always fulfill this promise but once we get a solid foundation in reading then the sky is the limit!
  • How long until I see results in my playing?
    The results depends on you. I always compare myself to a physical trainer and the client is five hundred pounds. Will they be down to two hundred in a week? No way, but keep chipping away at the stone and they will be down the road. It all depends how hard you practice and work.
  • How do I cancel a lesson?
    When we are establishing how many lessons you will have during the month, we can definitely cancel lessons during that time. If a more last minute cancellation has to be done then I ask for 24 hours notice otherwise I have to charge for that lesson.
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