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30 minute LESSON

30 minute LESSON


For all new students

Online or
In Studio Lessons

Cad $60
45 minute lesson

In Home Lessons

45 minute lesson


Ages of 8 & up

Cad $70
60 minute Lesson

Cad $80
60 minute lesson


Ages of 12 & up

Services Also Offered

Kids Piano Lessons

Adult Piano Lessons

Music Theory & 




What you will need?

In order for your online piano lessons to be successful, you will need a few basic resources. These include: 


  • A Piano or Keyboard 

  • High speed Internet connection 

  • Computer with an internet connection, Webcam, microphone and Speakers

  • An Account with Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  It's free if you don't have it already!

Polices & Procedure

In order for lessons to be as productive as possible, both teacher and student must respect one another's time. For this reason, we both agree to abide by the following guidelines. 


  • Students must give advance notice of cancellations. Each lesson is time set aside for that student. If he or she does not log on for the lesson and has not notified me, I will need to charge for the lesson. 

  •  If student and teacher are unable to secure a good Internet connection within five minutes of the    lesson's start, we will reschedule at no penalty to the student. 

  • Students 13 years of age and younger must have a parent or guardian in the house while the student is having is or her lessons. Parents may be in the room with the student, although this is not mandatory.  

I do not require semester minimums or long term contracts.  I am open all year round.  You can begin or end anytime and lessons are month by month with NO initiation fee.

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