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Paul Miyai
Private Piano Lessons

All Ages and Styles

Are you ready to provide your child with a remarkable head start in life?  Or perhaps you are searching for that missing piece that music can offer?  Let's embark on a piano learning journey together!

“The good teacher….knows that the best learning environment is always student-centered, never teacher-centered.” -Yvone Enoch and James Lyke


Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom.
Charlie Parker

Music Styles

I offer piano lessons in various genres to help students develop a love for music. With over 20 years of teaching expertise, I specialize in personalized in-person or online piano lessons for children and adults.

Unlike traditional piano instruction, my lessons prioritize fun and engagement because I believe that's what music should be about.

Ages and Levels

My objective is to provide affordable lessons suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whether you prefer in-person instruction at your own home, my studio, or online lessons from anywhere with an internet connection, I am here to accommodate your needs.


My Mission

As a teacher, I strive to maintain that same passion by ensuring my students play music they genuinely love. I deeply value your reasons for studying the piano and your long-term goals, as they provide the foundation for a tailored program that will lead you to success.

I specialize in guiding and nurturing students across various musical styles, including classical, pop, jazz, and musical theatre. Additionally, I offer preparation for university and conservatory entrance auditions as well as music school exams.

Piano on Dim Stage
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